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what is hub invest?

Hub Invest is a startup investment programme connecting early-stage startups and angel investors. In the programme, startups can apply for a chance to meet with selected angel investors. Investors receive training and preparation from industry experts to meet with startups, to help facilitate potential investment decisions. Hub Invest is an event based programme, running this time from October 2018 to January 2019. The programme is owned and powered by Danske Bank A/S, and operated by Danske Bank partner company Smartbi Oy in Finland.

who is it for?

All startups looking for funding, typically at Seed stage when angel investment is applicable. We are looking for scalable startups across all industries, with a proven business case and preferably some traction. All applicants should be registered companies, based in Finland or with a close link to Finland.

What can my company get from the programme?

Most importantly, you get an opportunity to meet and discuss with tens of angel investors looking for new investment opportunities. Hub Invest can significantly boost your funding round by providing an access to a wide variety of angel investors. In addition, all selected participants will receive a free-of-charge startup customer package from Danske Bank for one year – accepting this offer is mandatory for companies wishing to be presented at Hub Invest Final Day on the 31st of January.

Does it cost anything?

Applying and participating does not cost anything. For investments made through Hub Invest between selected startups and investors invited by Danske Bank Private Banking, Danske Bank A/S reserves the right to charge a commission of up to 5 % of investment value, for facilitation of the programme.




On this page you can find all fields necessary for the application. Main element is the pitch deck, which should include all relevant information about your company: problem, solution, team, traction, financials and, especially, your need for funding and valuation. If you’re looking for inspiration for a good pitch deck, check out the template from The Hub here.


After the application period, Hub Invest Screening Board consisting of startup investment professionals assesses each applicant. Based on evaluations from all Board members, the top 15 startups are chosen to participate in Hub Invest. All startups, selected and non-selected, will be notified of their outcome.


The Screening Board scores startups for six themes: customer, product, timing, competition, financials and team. Traction is considered a proof for all these themes. In addition to numerical scoring, all Board members give their comments for all applications.


Your information and submitted material will remain confidential within the organisers of Hub Invest, Screening Board and participating investors, and will only be used for evaluation and selection of participating startups. No information is made public without prior consent. Read more on Privacy Policy here.

Can I make modifications to my application after submitting it?

Yes, you can let us know if you have any changes to your application. This has to be done before the application deadline of 21st of December. If you wish to modify your application, please contact us at



Who are the investors?

Individuals, some more experienced and some new angel investors, invited through Danske Bank Private Banking.

How large are the investments?

Investments are solely negotiated between participating investors and startups, thus we cannot give any definite amounts. In Finland, the average Seed round is approximately 200 thousand euros with an average angel putting in 20 thousand.

Who is responsible for potential investments made through hub invest programme?

Responsibility for investments made through Hub Invest programme and events is solely on the company and investor involved. Danske Bank A/S or any other organising party of Hub Invest offers no advice or offer for funding for any parties involved. The purpose of Hub Invest is to connect and provide an overview for investors and startups with potential mutual interest, thus does not constitute, or form part of, any offer of funding, nor should it or any part of it form the basis of, or be relied on in any connection with any contract or commitment whatsoever.


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